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The Book of Ben Sira: Connecting the Jews All Over the Greek World E-mail
Written by Charles Buttigieg   
Monday, 06 January 2014 15:16

The book of Ben Sira  is signed by its author, Jesus son of Eleazar, son of Sirach (50:27). Hence the author’s name was Jesus, Eleazar his father, and Sira his grandfather. From the prologue we know that his grandson translated the book into Greek from the original Hebrew.   Unlike most other wisdom works which do not seem to reflect closely a particular period, the book was written in a precise period dominated by Hellenism.  A Judean scribe of encyclopedic intelligence, Ben Sira lived with his family in Jerusalem  where he conducted a wisdom school (51:23) and wrote the book between 195 and 175 B.C.  Being a traditionalist and an innovator at the same time, he did not directly claim to be a prophet, although he stated that his teaching was inspired in 39:6-7.

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