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July 2010 - Volume XL No. 2 E-mail
Written by Editor   
Thursday, 01 July 2010 17:37

To mark the impending beatification of John Henry Newman, this edition of Scripture Bulletin includes two articles exploring different aspects of Newman’s engagement with the Bible.

In our first article, Henry Wansbrough OSB offers a stimulating account of two aspects of Newman’s developing thought pertaining to biblical study: the relationship between Scripture and Tradition, and the quest for an appropriate Catholic understanding of scriptural inspiration. In the former case, Wansbrough shows how Newman anticipated the direction eventually taken by the Second Vatican Council, for which, among a number of reasons, Vatican II has often acquired the title ‘Newman’s Council’. In the second, we also see Newman responding, often creatively, to challenges posed by critical scholarship and developments in the natural sciences.

The second article considers Newman as a preacher of the gospels. In this year of Luke, it examines Newman’s treatment of the Third Evangelist and his writings, together with some specific examples of sermons on Lucan texts. It aims to show that, although very much a preacher of his time, in several ways Newman anticipates more recent developments in scholarly study of the Bible, as well as reminding us of older, well-tested exegetical strategies.

Timothy Ashworth’s article offers a sustained study of a fundamental aspect of Pauline thought as expressed in his Letter to the Galatians: the relationship between Christian liberty in the Spirit and continuing moral discipline. He does this through a very effective exploration of the key terms stoicheia and stoicheō, arguing that, in contrast to their normal treatment by translators, they have firm definitions which Paul uses effectively to clarify difficult theological concepts.

Ian Boxall