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Volume XLIV No 1 - January 2014 E-mail
Written by The Editor   
Monday, 06 January 2014 15:22


One of the aims of Scripture Bulletin has been to keep a wider readership abreast of some of the best developments in biblical studies. In the first article of this issue, Charles Buttigieg provides an in-depth survey of recent scholarship on Ben Sira, including an analysis of the book’s complex textual history, theories about its structure, and consideration of its theological message.

Within the New Testament, the Apocalypse of John is as memorable for what John hears as for what he sees. In our second article, Andreas Hoeck examines one of the many voices heard in Revelation, the ‘loud voice from the throne’ (Rev. 21:3). In contrast to the reluctance of many commentators to specify the identity of this voice, Fr Hoeck argues that this is the voice of one of the four living creatures, from whom the reader of Revelation can expect a particularly prominent message.

The final article of this issue, by Dominic White OP, explores the origin of a non-canonical saying of Jesus, which Clement of Alexandria traces to ‘a certain Gospel’. This Mystery Saying is attested, in differing forms, no less than nine times in early Christian literature. Fr Dominic argues for the authenticity of this dominical saying, and examines the probable content of the ‘mystery’ to which it refers, not least the knowledge of creation.

Many readers of Scripture Bulletin will have been saddened to hear of the recent death of the eminent Dominican New Testament scholar, Fr Jerome Murphy-O’Connor. Renowned for his work on Paul, and his extensive knowledge of the history and archaeology of the Holy Land, he was also a regular contributor to Scripture Bulletin in its early years. May he rest in peace.

Ian Boxall

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